Green Tea Weight Loss

How to Choose a Greet Tea Weight Loss Pill

Green tea has been known to be beneficial to health for hundreds of years by those in the East. Japan and China have incorporated green tea as a staple in everyday diets as a way of fighting off signs of premature aging, high cholesterol, heart disease and strokes. Certain types of cancers, skin disorders and many other illnesses are all thought to be fought off by the antioxidants in green tea known as EGCG.

EGCG is the active antioxidant that is scarce in the human diet. It is found in breast milk, and is known to help the growth and development of infants’ brains. Who says this has to end when you grow up? Green tea is the number one active ingredient in weight loss products on the market today because so many studies have been done showing its scientific proof of working.

Metabolism Effects
Weight loss with green tea is accomplished by affecting the metabolism, and causing it to speed up and eat fats faster. When you eat healthier foods, it takes longer for the metabolism to get them through your system. This would sound bad, but the fact is that the longer the metabolism works, the more energy the body uses, and therefore more fat is burned. When eating healthy foods it takes about 4 hours average to metabolize food and force it through the system. When you eat junk foods or foods high in fats and calories, it takes only about 2 hours to metabolize. This is due to the fact that the body sorts out the viable nutrients and vitamins and in turn has no use for the remaining calories and fats. It simply pushes them through the system to be disposed of and causes fatty deposits around the body to store the fat. So eating healthy not only helps to lose weight because of less calories and fat, but it also causes the metabolism to work longer and harder, therefore eating away fat deposits in the body.

Active Ingredients
When choosing a green tea weight loss pill, it is important to look at the active ingredients. Many green tea diet pills will offer additional caffeine and sugars, which are not beneficial in any way. These are simply put into the pills to help you feel a noticeable boost of energy. Pills with less than 10% of the active ingredient green tea extract should not be used. These pills are riding on the hope that you will buy simply because of it including green tea in the ingredients. Know your pills and check the labels.

Amount of Green Tea Extract
Many diet pills will include green tea on the ingredients list and will give a percentage or amount of extract that is included in the ingredients. Look for the amount of polyphenols or catechins, as this is what helps you to lose weight in the green tea. Any green tea diet pill that is associated with hoodia or chromium will also incorporate these to help you not feel hungry while taking the pills. So not only do you get the weight loss aid of green tea, but also hoodia or chromium to help you feel full longer.

There are pills on the market that contain 100% green tea extract, and these are the healthiest pills to buy. They have normally no additional extracts or additives with the exception of preservatives. A pill that has anywhere from 125-500 mg of any polyphenol is well worth your time. It is thought that a pill that has 100 mg of green tea extract is the same as drinking 2 cups of green tea. So if you don’t necessarily like the taste of the tea, or simply don’t drink much, you can take 2 pills a day and get the same effects as a regular drinker of the whole tea leaves.

It should be said that EGCG and green tea normally do have caffeine in the mix, and this is a natural appetite suppressant. It is not to be used with any other caffeinated products, as you can overdose on caffeine. Make sure that if you take any medications, that you alert your doctor to the fact you are interested in taking green tea extract diet pills, and allow them to see the bottle prior to you taking any. Although there are no known side effects at this time with green tea and medications, there are side effects with many medications and caffeine. It is always best to check with a physician before starting any diet.

From weight loss to burning fat storages to depletion, green tea extract diet pills have many uses. These diet pills can also be used to help keep mental acuity, and even help to prevent dementia due to the caffeine and EGCG properties. With all the healthy uses for green tea, why have you not started taking it before now?